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Small Steps To Change Our Thinking

September 8, 2023

Happy Friday! Week 1 went by quickly. I’m finding Rest for Your Soul is just what I need in my walk with Jesus right now. I hope you are too! Or maybe you feel like you’re already falling behind. If so, I encourage you to jump to pages 14-17 of Chapter 1 for a dose of encouragement.

Here Wendy reminds us from John 4 that Jesus knows our souls are thirsty. He quenches every desire of our heart. Like the woman at the well, you won’t be disappointed in taking time to sit with Jesus. Renewing our mind with His Truth helps settle our souls when we feel unseen, uneasy or unsettled.

To help renew my mind this week, I decided to use the word "steadfast" from our memory verse to remind me to stay focused on the Lord (Isaiah 26:3, NIV). Even when my heart felt heavy with worry and the weight of responsibility was distracting, that word helped ground me, and I could feel that nudge to keep my mind on Him. 

What steps did you take to renew your mind this week?

I'm eager to hear from you!

On Monday, Missy will be with us as we begin Chapter 2: “Lord, Quiet My Heart.”

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What small step did you take this week to create a quiet space to renew your mind? How did it change your thinking?

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