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What I Asked Author Angie Smith And What It Means For You

June 20, 2018
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You know how sometimes when you read the Bible your eyes glaze over, your fingers skim words and you say to yourself, “That has nothing to do with me”? I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’ve spoken those words aloud many times.

Now, if you found yourself nodding in agreement, then I have just the thing for you.

Angie Smith and our team worked hand-in-hand to create our Seamless Teaching Series. Our teaching series is an additional option you can purchase to enhance your experience.

But what will this teaching series cover? I'm so glad you asked! I emailed Angie Smith to see if there were any stories she really wanted to unpack when writing Seamless, but was unable to because of the overview nature of the study. She quickly replied back with two full pages of ideas she'd love to dig into more! We took that list and came up with this specific series. 

So, here we are.

Through this teaching series, Author Angie Smith, Proverbs 31 authors, speakers, and other guests will walk through four different concepts and/or stories and really peel back the layers to understand how they’re still relevant to our lives today. You’ll quickly learn that the Tabernacle is the furthest thing from boring, and how the lineage of Jesus is filled with misfits, mess-ups and other shocking people who were used by God.

You’ll also learn how each guest studies the Bible, and they’ll be giving us their tips & tricks to help us make the most of our study time.

I am beyond excited to learn all I can through this series and I hope you join us.

To purchase the teaching series or to find out more about the stories we’re diving into, click the button below.


I’ll see you soon, friend!


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