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I’m Going to Make a Bold Statement

June 23, 2018

Hi everyone! I’m Melissa Taylor and I work in the OBS department at Proverbs 31 Ministries. I’ve been doing this online Bible study thing for seven and a half years now with you and I just love it! Seamless will be our 39th study. Pause while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

Are you ready for the bold statement I promised? Here it goes:

This is one of my very favorite Bible studies we’ve ever done. Ever.

And here’s why:

This is a study I wish I’d done years ago. Yet, it’s also a study I’m thankful for at this stage of my life. As someone who has done a lot of Bible studies over the years, I found Seamless to be refreshing, brilliant and fabulous! I felt so Bible-smart after completing it. These stories that I’ve known for years fit together in a way I never fully understood until now.

I know we don’t officially begin until June 25, but I can’t wait to show you Seamless author Angie Smith’s Session 1 video to kick us off. You’ll want to watch this before you begin your Day 1 homework on Monday in your Seamless book. If you have your book, turn to page 11 where you can take notes from the video.

Note: The Session 1 video was only available for free on our blog through July 6. Special thanks to LifeWay for having made it available to us for free for two weeks! Though watching these is a nice addition to our Seamless P31 OBS, they are not needed to do our study. But if you'd like to purchase these videos, you may do so by clicking here.

Aren’t you so excited to get started now? And guess what, each Saturday during this study, we will send you another video to watch before you begin your next week of study!

I have a few other awesome Bible study things to share with you too:

Week at a Glance — This little gem is like gold … or chocolate — whichever you like best. Click it and you will find all you need to know for this week of study. I love this so much I print it every week and place it in my Bible for quick reference! I’ve heard that some people put it on their refrigerator to remind them what to do in Bible study each day and so their family will hold them accountable! I think that’s a great idea! *Bonus Alert! For this week only, in your Week at a Glance, we have a history lesson on Genesis from our coordinator of biblical content, Wendy Blight! Check it out!


Note: If you've clicked on the button to download your Week at a Glance resource, but are having trouble accessing it on your phone or desktop, look in your downloads folder or at the bottom left-hand corner of your web page.

A Prayer for You — One of our Seamless study leaders, Katrina Wylie, wrote a prayer for us. It's inspired by Angie Smith's prayer challenge at the end of today's video, to help prepare your heart and mind to begin each day of study.


Now, let’s do this.

Getting to Know Each Other:

Do you consider yourself a Bible study ...
  • newbie
  • regular participant (not just here but in any Bible study)
  • overachiever
What are you hoping to gain from this Bible study?


Comment on today’s blog for a chance to win a copy of our study book, Seamless by Angie Smith! Four winners will be randomly selected and notified within 3 days via a reply to their comment on this blog. In the past, we have emailed the winners directly. Due to privacy, we now reach out through a different avenue. Thank you for understanding.

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