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July 2, 2018
GENESIS 12:1 (NIV) | "The Lord had said to Abram,

Hey there! Stacy Lowe here and I can’t wait to share Week 2 with you! In our last post, we talked about inviting God into our study time, so I thought it'd be great to start off THIS week by doing just that. Will you join me?

Father God, thank You for a new week of studying Your Word and growing and learning together. Please be with us as we read and work through our book. Teach us right where we are in our understanding and speak to us as only You can. In Jesus’ name we pray…

And God’s girls said?


Last week, we learned about the beginnings of humanity and how God was intricately involved every step of the way. This week, we’ll be learning about the patriarchs of our faith, starting with Abram. His adventure began with a calling from God to leave everything behind for a new, unknown land. And it just gets crazier from there! All of it, though, points back to a God who loves us a CRAZY huge amount! It is GOOD. STUFF.

Now, before I send you on your way, just a couple quick things. First, have you checked out our Week at a Glance? This resource features a beautiful new Facebook cover photo I think you’re going to love, PLUS a suggested plan for this week. You can either download and print OR use it from your mobile device by clicking the link below.


AND, last but not least,

Reflect and Respond:

This week we’re learning about patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Which of these are you most familiar with and which are you excited to learn more about?

See you soon!

- Stacy

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