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Facepalms and Hope Bombs

July 9, 2018


I'm excited to be back with you for another week! Do you realize that when we reach the end of this week on "Exodus & The Promised Land," we'll be at the halfway point of our study? We can do this ... together! Let's begin by taking a peek into Exodus.

In this week's Day 1 Seamless bookwork, Angie Smith points us to an important thread I don't want you to miss, because we're going to see it woven all throughout the Bible:

"God wants the Israelites (also called Hebrews and later called Jews) to love and serve Him, but God's people don't stay consistent in their affections."

"...don't stay consistent..." Um, can we say "relatable"? Please tell me I'm not the only one inserting a facepalm right now! But here's the cool thing. Angie then goes on to point out that:

"Over and over again He woos them to Himself."

Knowing this, let me ask you: If God continues to woo them over and over again, despite their inconsistency, what does that say for us?

To me that spells one word – HOPE.

Despite our inconsistencies with Him, God keeps pursuing us to woo us back, too! Yes, even when we're not paying attention to Him, He's still paying close attention to us and not missing a thing.

Just thought I'd drop that little hope bomb in your lap as we get rolling into our Day 1 bookwork.

Also as we get rolling, don't forget our Week at a Glance resource to help you with what to expect and do each day this week. Click the button below to download yours.


And now that we're all set to go...

Reflect and Respond:

In what aspects of your walk with God is consistency a struggle for you, and how does hearing that He kept wooing His people back, despite their inconsistencies toward Him, encourage YOU today? 

Have a blessed day!


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