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It's All About Him!

July 23, 2018
"Nobody, nowhere, in any way shape, or form, has ever (EVER) been able to live a perfect life. Until Jesus." - Angie Smith #SeamlessBibleStudy | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

Hey there!

Welcome to Week 5. After all the new light shed on the Old Testament, I can't wait to study the New Testament with you!

This week's icons we're working through are the:

  • Manger (humble beginnings of Jesus)
  • Fish (disciples of Jesus)
  • Lamb (ministry of Jesus)
  • Cross (death and resurrection of Jesus)
  • Church (beginning of the church forming)

Yep, this week really is all about HIM! But before we dig in, I wanted to check in with you on something we chatted about in Week 1 — prayer.

How're you doing with praying before and during your study time? Are you still utilizing the prayer PDF and being intentional to listen for Spirit-nudges to pause, ponder and pray? If you've dropped off (or never got started), don't beat yourself up because, like Angie Smith is going to remind us in Day 5 of Seamless this week:

"Nobody, nowhere, in any way, shape, or form, has ever (EVER) been able to live a perfect life. Until Jesus."

Yes! Let's not aim for perfection, but let's do aim for progress. We still have two full weeks of study left to practice! In fact, on this week's introduction page, Angie gives us the perfect opportunity:

"Forget the fact that you 'know the story,' and let it wash over you anew in light of the weeks you have completed. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring the Scripture to life as you read about the life and death of Christ."

Let's each pause and do that right now...

And now that we've got our new week started off right, let's not forget to grab our Week at a Glance to help us stay on the right track all week long. I've got this week's study tip waiting for you in the Week 5 section.


Alright, before we turn to Day 1 in our books...

Reflect and Respond:

Which of the icon topics (listed above) are you most excited to learn about and why?

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