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An Unshakable Faith

July 27, 2018
"I don’t question God because I want to prove He doesn’t exist. I question because I want to rest in unshakable faith." - Angie Smith #SeamlessBibleStudy | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 5 #P31OBS

Well hello!

Here we are, already in Day 5 of Week 5. Goodness! Though every week of our #SeamlessBibleStudy has been SO good, I have to admit I'd been eagerly anticipating this particular week of study. I was excited to see the New Testament through fresh eyes and to flip back and forth in my Bible to make clearer connections between the Old and New Testaments.

Before this week, I knew the four Gospels told about Jesus' life from four different perspectives in general. And I also understood, in general, that the Old Testament prophecies, foretelling of the coming Messiah, were fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament. But I still had questions that left holes in my shield of faith, so I could really relate when Angie said:

"I don't question God because I want to prove He doesn't exist. I question because I want to rest in unshakable faith."

"Unshakable faith" ... yes, that please!

The problem, though, is that general knowledge isn't enough to fuel unshakable faith. Just check out the synonyms Google lists for "general" and "unshakable," and it becomes blatantly obvious there's a BIG difference between the two...

General: common, broad, imprecise, loose, vague, indefinite.
Unshakable: steadfast, resolute, firm, decided, determined, unswerving, unwavering, unyielding, persistent, tireless, unremitting, unrelenting.

Ouch. With that in mind, let's take another look at the specifics Angie taught about each Gospel's intended audience and focus:

  • Matthew - for the Jews to see Jesus as King
  • Mark - for the Romans to see Jesus in action
  • Luke - for the Gentiles to see Jesus as man
  • John - for everyone to believe

Guys, the four Gospel perspectives aren't just different because these four men were different people. They're all different because it's IMPORTANT for them to be. It's needed. These four imperfect, ordinary men were specifically handpicked by God to share from their unique perspective. And not only to reach the Jews, Romans and Gentiles of that time, but to reach us TODAY.

For US to see Jesus as King.
For US to be in awe of Jesus' actions.
For US to relate to Jesus as man.
For US to believe:

"He was, is, and will always be the Christ."

Are you, too, thanking God right now for how He's using Angie Smith's teachings to increase our knowledge and move us toward unshakable faith? If I could, I'd insert several praise-hand emojis Right. Here.

And now it's your turn...

Reflect and Respond:

What did you learn this week that helped move YOUR faith toward being unshakable?

A FREE Gift For You:
Ever wish you had a list to reference all the scriptures that link Old Testament prophecy to New Testament fulfillment? Well, guess what? Wendy Blight, our biblical content coordinator and author of several of our past Bible studies, has pulled a list together for us. Thank you, Wendy! This resource is going to help us so much in developing and keeping an unshakable faith.



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