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July 30, 2018
"All these words, all the promises and adventures, they have served their purpose: to point us to our great God." - Angie Smith #SeamlessBibleStudy | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 6 #P31OBS

Hello there, friend!

Here we are at Week 6. Can you BELIEVE IT? We have come SO far and learned SO much over these past five weeks together, but as you know, we’re not done yet!

Last week’s bookwork brought Jesus on the scene (yay!), but then He was crucified. Lucky for us, though, the story didn’t end there! Jesus rose again and the Church was born, and that’s where we left off.

This week, we’ll see how the early Church grew and the message of Jesus Christ rapidly spread. We’ll also encounter some likely familiar biblical characters along the way, AND even tackle the book of Revelation. Yep! All that and more are tucked into these final pages!

And just like everything else so far, all we read and learn about this week will continue to point us to the great God behind it all!

So whether you’ve stuck it out from the beginning or fallen behind somewhere along the way, if you’re reading this, I am inviting you, here and now, to come finish out Week 6 with us! Will you do it? I sure hope so!

And as you do, be sure to check out our Week at a Glance for an outline of the week.


Before we get started with our week, though...

Reflect and Respond:

How have you grown over these past five weeks of study? Where do you see Jesus in Scripture now that you didn’t before?

Ok, it’s time! Let’s get out there and commit to crossing that finish line together!

- Stacy

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