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Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

January 10 - February 11
Even when we can’t see what is ahead, we can trust Who is already there.

This five-week study with Lysa TerKeurst and Joel Muddamalle begins January 10.

Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament Cover 

As believers, we can see examples of Jesus' presence and assurance all through Scripture ... even the Old Testament!

We often think of Jesus as only being physically present in the New Testament … but did you know He was actually active in the Old Testament from the beginning? It is so important to study how Jesus makes His presence known in every part of the Bible because this will help us experience more of His presence in our day-to-day lives right now.

Jesus is never absent in the pages of Scripture, and He’s certainly not absent in the pages of our stories either. From cover to cover, He's there.

In the Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament study, you will be equipped to:


Stop secretly questioning “Is Jesus really with me?” by uncovering His active presence all throughout Scripture in places you may have missed before.

Break free from hesitancy and intimidation to read the Old Testament by trusting your friends Lysa and Joel to unpack common misunderstandings and clear up confusing concepts.

Embrace the truth-filled promises God has for you, even when others have abandoned you, with tangible ways to experience His provision and protection right now.

Be invigorated and comforted in your personal time with Jesus by walking through five weeks of guided readings, questions and relevant takeaways for your life today.


Purchase Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament now and receive FREE bonus resources from Lysa and Joel: “Before We Get Started” study material and three-minute theology videos that will provide valuable insight you don’t want to miss!


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