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Your Cheat Sheet for "Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament"

January 4, 2022

Hey there! I’m Stacy Lowe, one of your study leaders for our next study, Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament by Lysa TerKeurst and Joel Muddamalle. Whether this is your first study with us or you’ve been here a while, welcome!

Any time we start a new study, we always receive questions on how it all works, so consider today’s message a "cheat sheet" to help explain what our next five weeks together will look like.

What YOU Bring to the Study: All you’ll need is your Bible, a copy of Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament and somewhere to take notes on everything God is teaching you throughout our time together.

What WE Bring to the Study: Everything else!

What To Expect: Each week of Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, you’ll receive in your email:

  • Monday Newsletter: This will include everything you’ll need to keep you on track for that week of study: what pages we’ll be reading, a video featuring Lysa and Joel, plus a reading guide to help focus your study time. There will also be a chance to join in community with others by answering our "Question of the Week" over on Study Central, aka our website. You can engage there by creating a Disqus account OR simply comment as a guest.
  • Saturday Wrap-Up and Audio Teaching: This message from your study leader will summarize that week’s connections between Jesus and the Old Testament plus provide an audio teaching to help wrap up the week of study.

If this message came to your email, that means you’ve successfully signed up for this study, and each new post will come straight to your inbox, just like this one did. And if you found this post another way, you can sign up for free right here. You can also always access the most recent blog post by visiting our P31 OBS website.

Following along with these two weekly posts, as well as reading our study book and any suggested passages of Scripture, is all you’ll need for a full and complete study. And if you want to go even deeper, we have a Facebook Community Group that may be just the right fit for you.

We can’t wait to spend these next five weeks with you!

Let’s Chat!

How many studies have you done with us? If this is your first study, what are you most looking forward to? And if you’ve been here a while, what is your favorite thing about P31 OBS?

P.S. Still have questions? Check out our Help Desk!

Check your inbox tomorrow for a useful tool to keep you on track and "in the know" throughout our study!

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