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A Glimpse of Jesus

January 15, 2022

I love photography. Landscapes, wildlife, family photos — I do it all! Put a camera in my hand, and I’m a happy girl. But I’ve learned that portraits have limitations. No matter how hard I try, no portrait I take can ever fully capture the true essence of the person I see standing in front of me.

This week in our study, we examined a different kind of portrait — not one made of paper but rather six human lives documented in the Old Testament, each in their own way serving as a representation of the coming Savior found in the New Testament. And just like a paper image fails to fully capture the real thing, so it is here as well.

  • Adam and Eve allowed sin to disrupt their God-given plans, but Jesus remained faithful to His God-given plans and conquered sin on the cross.
  • Moses doubted when given the task of leading the Israelites to freedom, but Jesus confidently chose the will of His Father and led all humanity out of the curse of sin and death.
  • Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land, but his followers soon turned away from God. Followers of Jesus often do the same, but Jesus offers something Joshua never could — forgiveness of sin and rest for our souls.
  • King David started off well, then allowed his longing for earthly things to outweigh his desire for God; but King Jesus kept His eyes fixed where they belonged, and He accomplished what He set out to do.
  • Esther faced a difficult life filled with twists and turns that God used for good. Jesus, too, used the enemy’s plans for good — but on a scale so big it reverberates across the earth and echoes throughout eternity.

Each of these Old Testament people gives us a glimpse into who Jesus is and what He would later do. But unlike them, He would do it perfectly and accomplish for us what we could never do for ourselves — achieve victory over sin and death forever. Praise God!


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Jesus in these Old Testament portraits. Next week, we’ll take a look at the presence of Jesus in the Old Testament prophecies. See you then!


P.S. Each Saturday, you'll receive a weekend teaching hosted by our very own Kendra LeGrand and the First 5 team. Our First 5 Friends are going through Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament right alongside us and we thought it would be fun to share this extra teaching with you, our OBSer!
In our first teaching, we’ll hear about some of the festivals celebrated in the Old Testament and learn more about what it means to be thirsty for Jesus. Check it out! (And if you need the transcript, we've got you covered!)

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