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Seeing Jesus in Prophecies

January 17, 2022

Hello! I’m Brandy Patton, and I’ll be your study leader this week as we continue to go through Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament by Lysa TerKeurst and Joel Muddamalle.

The Old Testament records many prophecies about Jesus. According to our study book, a prophecy is “a message concerning future events and how they relate to people.” The five we’ll take a closer look at this week show us that God’s always had a plan to save us. Waiting for His plan to come to pass, though, requires patience and trust. If you’re not sure what all of this means, don’t worry. We’ll unpack this information together! Deal? OK, let’s study!

What To Do This Week:

Complete Week 2, Days 6-10, in Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament.
Watch Monday’s video to learn about how to stay encouraged during seasons of waiting, and then answer our "Question of the Week" to connect with other Bible study friends (see below).
Read and listen to the wrap-up message and audio teaching on Saturday to continue connecting the dots about what you’re learning.

Question of the Week: 

This week we’ll see how God spoke through imperfect human beings long ago to share His plan to save us. How does hearing that God is a planner encourage you this season?

(As you work through this week’s reading and study questions, be sure to come back to today's comment section and share what you’re learning!)

Stepping Stones of the Week:

As you work through the study, remember that you can also check out our Stepping Stones resource. It has short snippets for each study day to help you focus on what we’re learning.

Prayer Prompt for This Week:

Nervous to study about prophecies? Pray about it first. The Bible says He has the power to open our minds to understand His Word! (Psalm 119:18) Here’s one way to begin a prayer about this:

  • Lord, open my eyes that I may see and understand the wonders in Your Scriptures …

OBSer Spotlight!

During Bible Study Prep Week, we shared a variety of tips and tricks for getting the most out of this Bible study. Then Friday we asked for a tip or trick that you would add, and boy, did you deliver! Each Monday, we'll be spotlighting one of YOUR ideas shared on that post!

Our first tip comes from OBSer Lauren, who said this: "Find the time of day that works for YOU! Are you a morning person? A night owl? God doesn't care when you spend time with Him, just that you DO! If you feel your best in the mid-afternoon, great — meet with God then! At the crack of dawn? Go for it! A different time each day? Perfect! Just meet with your God!"

Happy studying, y’all!

Let’s chat again on Saturday!


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