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An Invitation to Celebrate

October 10, 2017

Hey sweet P31 OBSer, Brenda here on day 2 of Week 6!

While it's exciting to start living what we've learned, it's "bittersweet" to see this study coming to an end, yes? Today, though, I'd like to invite you to celebrate with me. Nothing formal, just a small gathering of friends — a "marked moment."

Like Chrystal Evans Hurst explains in Chapter 26 of #ShesStillThere:

"Celebration is the way you mark the moments in your life."

There's something about marking moments, don't ya think? ... Creating memories that last a lifetime ... Looking forward with expectation to all that is to come! I love the way Chrystal expresses this:

"Celebration is a tool that helps you continue to hope, and it is through hope that we stay open to possibility."

She's Still There

Yes, it is!

We have big celebrations for birthdays, holidays, events and accomplishments, right? These gatherings uplift us as we laugh together and reminisce. And they cause us to look forward to the next opportunity to celebrate. Celebrations are simply good for us!

Choosing to celebrate the girl within us works exactly the same way, because we are an incredible creation by God (Who only wants good for us). We deserve to hope, to look forward to future achievements, and to mark even the smallest moments.

In #ShesStillThere, Chrystal says it this way:

"You are a remarkable person, and your life is an ongoing remarkable event worthy of being celebrated along the way."

Now that's an affirmation worthy of repeating, right?

So let's go ahead and celebrate the small successes ... because they lead to the bigger ones that are still ahead! And let's celebrate the bigger achievements ... because every moment marked is a "moment mattered." And because the girl inside each of us matters.

Will you join me to actively C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E the girl within you by:

Everyday to
Experiencing the
Beauty and
Remembering to
These "moments" with

Let's "break out the china" and celebrate!

Reflect and Respond:

How will YOU celebrate "the girl within" TODAY?

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