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August 15, 2018

Hey! Nichole Stern back with you today.

Can you believe this is the LAST week of #TheHusbandProject #P31OBS?! We’re SO proud of you for persevering! Remember, this isn’t the end of being intentional in your marriage — and let’s finish strong!

You might be playing catch up this week like I was, and you’re finishing up the last few projects. Or maybe you’ve completed the projects, and now you’re looking for ways to continue loving and serving your husband long after this study is over.

Regardless of your status this week, we’ve got you covered and you’re going to LOVE this week’s video!

  • Nicki Koziarz shares great encouragement to “be intentional about focusing on our husbands.”
  • I talk a bit about learning that one of my husband’s love languages is decluttering ... who knew?
  • Katrina Wylie’s beginning to see obstacles as opportunities.
  • Kathi Lipp shares some fantastic tips for what to do next!

All this and more in our final video for #TheHusbandProject!

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We’ve also got everything you need to know for this week in your Weekly Lowdown!

Weekly Lowdown

And don’t forget to use your OBS Husband Project Journal, making sure to write down your My 5 For My Guy! Remembering the good things about our guys can help us love and serve them with grateful hearts.

Reflect and Respond:

Since we’re wrapping up our study this week, take a minute to reflect on why you started The Husband Project #P31OBS. Remembering your “why” can help you finish strong.

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