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DIY Romantic Room

August 15, 2018

Hey, ladies! Nicki Koziarz here! Wow. What a great 4 weeks of The Husband Project we’ve had – 3 full weeks of projects blessing our man ... phew!

In our last Week 2 post, author of The Husband Project, Kathi Lipp, shared that the bedroom was one of her two favorite marriage-boosting areas to declutter. So, as we wrap up our 21 projects, I thought it would be fun for us to share a few ways we can create a budget-friendly romantic room. This is also a great way to continue with the bonus projects too!

Here are four ways to continue creating a romantic room past The Husband Project P31 OBS:

One: Clear the clutter & clean!

Cost: FREE!

Nothing says romance like a load of laundry on the bed! Maybe it’s even the biggest bed in the house, which means it’s the best option for folding large amounts of laundry. Right?! Wrong!

I’m so guilty of using my bed as an extension of the laundry room. But laundry in the bedroom is a definite romantic mood-damper!

Here’s a suggested romantic room sprucing up checklist:

  • Wash your bedding and any curtains
  • Wipe down the baseboards
  • Vacuum under the bed and in the corners of your room
  • Clean the windows
  • If the weather allows, open the windows for fresh air
  • Dust furniture and the light fixture/ceiling fan

Two: Add soft light.

Cost: $5-10

This can be done a few ways. If you have bright light bulbs, switch them out for a softer wattage bulb.

If there’s a dollar store near you, pick up some white candles. You can group them in odd numbers and sizes so they look fancy.

Three: Cut Something from Outside!

Cost: Free!

Cut some flowers from your yard (or ask a neighbor if they have an abundance!) Also, you can even cut some branches off trees and put them in a pretty vase to add some natural elements to your room.

Four: Make It Smell Good!

Cost: $1+

And now, it’s time to do a sniff test! How do your sheets smell? The air in the room? The carpet? There are a ton of DIY room freshener sprays out there! You can also purchase candles that smell good! Keep your hubby in mind as you are selecting fragrances. Does he have a favorite smell?

So there you have it. Four simple ways you can continue to create a romantic room for little or no cost!

I’m so excited for you to put some of these ideas into practice as we continue being more intentional in our marriage and toward our husband.

See you in Week 5 to wrap up this little thing called The Husband Project!

Reflect and Respond:

Which one of the options is do-able for you and when will you implement it?

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