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It’s the Homestretch

August 15, 2018

Hello to you and hello Week 4! It’s Katrina Wylie back with you today, up and running into the homestretch of our projects. Did you just panic a bit when you read “homestretch”?

Back when we Study Leaders went through the projects together and we came upon the scheduled week for our last 7 projects, my internal reaction was: “Wait, what? We’re supposed to be that far already?!”

My reality was I’d let a few days here and there slip by without completing a project, so I was behind.

Maybe that’s you, too, and maybe it’s not. But no matter what project number you find yourself on right now, whether you’re just getting started, right on track or somewhere in between, the truth is:

YOU ARE HERE. You haven’t given up! And that’s something worth celebrating!!

So, go ahead and give yourself a little “grace embrace” and then move on with us wherever you are today.

And with some more encouragement to do just that, you’ll enjoy the Study Leader crew in this week’s video. Take a look!

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I love how Melissa Taylor encouraged and urged us in The Fab Wife segment of the video that, “When real life intervenes, it’s OK. Just pick back up when you can.”

Friend, we believe in you to see this through! And here’s your Weekly Lowdown to help you. Seriously, these guides are a super source to help a girl out with getting and staying on track, so don’t forget to grab and start using yours today!

Weekly Lowdown

Are you ready to be a finisher? Let’s not let this become something we enthusiastically start, but never quite manage to complete. Let’s be finishers together!

Reflect and Respond:

In today’s The Fab Wife segment, Kathi Lipp encourages us to plan to give ourselves a reward for finishing. What’s something that’s motivating you to see this through and how do you plan to reward yourself when you finish?

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