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Mission Impossible?

August 15, 2018
The Husband Project

Hi! Katrina Wylie here, and do I have a story to tell you from my projects!

It’s the day I’ve chosen to do the “30 Minutes Is All It Takes” project — the one about creating free time for your man when he gets home. And I’ve just finished sharing with my accountability group about how excited I am when my husband comes home … two hours early! (Not what I’d planned!)

 I haven’t set out the note on the porch letting him know he could chill on his own ’til dinner.

I haven’t reminded my daughter of our plan for her NOT to bombard daddy with her usual 5 million requests. And I haven’t prepped dinner so it’ll be ready 30 minutes after he arrives.

Cue the Mission Impossible theme song!

Frantically, I yell for my kiddo to set out the note and come right back. And then off to the kitchen I charge!

Note: If there’s one thing I do worse than cooking, it’s rushing! Which I’m about to prove true AGAIN.

I glance out the window to notice my daughter IS bombarding her dad. Argh! So I urge myself to calmly ask her inside. Only that’s not at all how it goes down. Instead, I bark at her to “Get inside NOW,” and order her to her room, telling her she’s “ruined EVERYTHING!”

Did I mention, I loathe “Rushed Katrina”?

Though I note she’s crushed, I’m too set on accomplishing my mission, so I hightail it back to the kitchen. Only this time harsh reality finally catches up with me.

As I see my husband ENJOYING his time on the lounge chair outside, and hear the muffled cries of my daughter carrying down the hall, I realize SHE hasn’t ruined anything. The problem is ME!

Let’s pause there to remember this week’s key verse:

“If the LORD delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm; though he stumble, he will not fall, for the LORD upholds him with his hand.” — Psalm 37:23-24 (NIV 84)

Hmmm. Was the Lord “delighting” in my “way”?

Two paths loomed before me: Would I cling to my pride and continue my pursuit of perfection? OR, would I humble myself before God and my kiddo, asking for His guidance and their forgiveness?

Thankfully, I took the second route. And you know what? God upheld me through the project and it was a definite success! My daughter and I learned a great lesson together on humility and forgiveness. My husband was more present with us after getting his 30 minutes of relaxation time. AND, he even commented at the end of the night how awesome the evening was.


God showed me we don’t have to get everything “perfect” to bless our man — that when we turn our heart, words and actions to the ways that delight Him, He CAN turn our “Mission Impossible” into “Mission Possible.”

Reflect and Respond:

Which project has God used to do His work IN you?

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