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The Rhythm of a Marriage

August 15, 2018

Happy final day! Nicki Koziarz checking in with you for the last time for this study!

My friend, today I’m standing in applause for you. I’m so proud of you, and I believe your marriage will continue to be blessed because of your faithfulness through this process. Amazing job!

We study leaders have had so much fun working through ideas, brainstorming and cheering you on. What a gift this has been.

But maybe for you, this hasn’t felt easy, simple or even beautiful. Maybe you didn’t even do this thing 100%.

I want you to know, it’s OK.

Just because The Husband Project P31 OBS is officially complete doesn’t mean all of a sudden the hard situations in our marriages are instantly better or fixed.

As I reflect on the last 16 years of my marriage, I’m seeing there’s a rhythm to this.

There are times the rhythm feels great and there are times it feels messy. There are times it feels amazing and then there are times it feels as awkward as a middle school dance.

We go through days where we’re head-over-heels in love with each other and then days we don’t really like each other. There are days we’re incredibly considerate of each other, texting and talking throughout the day. And then we have days we barely say hello.

Marriage is a constantly changing rhythm.

And I have found when I start to forget the fact that marriage has rhythm, I can feel a little hopeless or stuck.

Together, this rhythm we’ve enjoyed the last few weeks has been fast-paced and focused. It may be that, because of this study, the rhythm of our marriage feels great right now. Or, it may still feel so off-beat.

Kathi Lipp recommends re-visiting The Husband Project once a year. I think that’s great advice!

But don’t be afraid to re-visit this when the rhythm of your marriage feels like it’s having a hard time getting to the next right rhythm. Maybe you won’t pull out the whole process of 21 projects, but you can go back anytime and re-visit a project you know your husband loved.

Whatever you do ... just keep finding that next right rhythm.

Because as long as we keep seeking a rhythm, the beat of our marriages will continue to go on. Just keep going until you find the beat that works for you. And when you start to believe you can’t do this anymore or your efforts are not bringing the right results, remember this ...

Of all the women in the world God could have selected, you are the wife God had in mind for your husband. Reject the voice of doubt through this truth, and never be fearful of this assignment from God.

Thanks so much for joining us for this study! And thank you so much Kathi Lipp for writing this book to give us the practical tools we need to keep making our marriages stronger. You are a gift!

Reflect and Respond:

What do you feel like is your greatest takeaway from this study?

A little sad The Husband Project is over? We know how you feel! That’s why we have our conference call series you can choose to do too. It’s not too late to order that if you haven’t already. You can get more info here!

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