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Tunnel Vision

August 16, 2018
The Husband Project OBS

Hey, fabulous OBSer! It’s Nichole Stern back with you today sharing one of my experiences from my projects. But first, let me say we’re so glad you’re still with us on #TheHusbandProject journey! Kudos to you for sticking with it!

We joke a lot in our house about my checklists and how I thrive on marking things “done.” And I must admit, I do love a good checklist. While this checklist obsession isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes it can give me tunnel vision, where I focus so much on completing the task, my heart is far from the action.

And now for Confession Time!

I caught myself doing this in my final week of husband projects. I was going through the motions, checking things off the list, and completely missing the point of the project — to love and serve my husband with intentionality.


It’s not that I didn’t want to do the projects. I just got so focused on the doing, and honestly began to get a little burned out on the tasks.

If you’re whispering “me, too” to having tunnel vision, know you’re not alone! Or, if you’re not a checklist girl, perhaps other things have distracted you from your commitment to love and honor God and your husband. But here’s the thing: No matter our struggle, God’s got us covered with His amazing grace.

So if (like me), your heart has gotten a little off track, let’s ask God to help us refocus on honoring Him and our husbands. Remember, He’s faithful to give us what we need to fulfill our commitments and His grace is enough to draw our wandering hearts back to Him.

I hope you’re as encouraged by this truth as I am, because when life gets tough (and we know it will!), having words of encouragement hidden in our hearts can help us through. That’s why I love this simple reminder from The Husband Project author, Kathi Lipp:

“Your husband is worth it, you are worth it, and your marriage is worth it.” - Kathi Lipp

Let’s carry on this simple reminder to invest acts of love into our marriages, to put aside the distractions and focus our efforts on loving our guys the way God intended. Let’s persevere, friend, because it’s totally worth it — and so are you!

Reflect and Respond:

Reflect on the things you’ve allowed to distract you from following through with your projects. Read Proverbs 16:3 which tells us,“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” (NIV) Answer in your OBS Journal: How can this verse help you stay focused on loving and serving your husband this week?

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