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What’s Your Trust Score?

January 6, 2020

Hey, y’all! I’m Brandy Patton, one of your study leaders for the Trustworthy P31 Online Bible Study. Guess what? In just two weeks, our study begins! Can you say, “Best way to start 2020?!”

Through the study, we’ll be learning all about trusting God. Is this something you struggle with? Let’s find out! To do so, take this short quiz below, giving yourself one point for each statement that is true for you:

  1. You love God, but find yourself resisting Him in some ways.
  2. When your life doesn’t go as planned, you worry or try to fix things yourself.
  3. You have a hard time thanking God for your trials.
  4. The last time you knew God wanted you to do something, you did something else. 
  5. You give God options to choose from to resolve the struggles you may have.
  6. You have followed a friend’s advice about a problem before praying about it.
  7. You feel a disconnect between the faith you want and the one you live out.
  8. You sing and quote verses on the outside, but then still find yourself exhausted, anxious and heavily burdened on the inside.

So, how'd you do? What’s your trust score?

If, like me, you have at least one point, don’t be discouraged. You're in the right place! Through this six-week study, we'll get to know several of the Old Testament kings to learn from their mistakes and successes together. As a result, our trust in God will be strengthened.

Oh, and while you wait for the study to start, here are two things you can do…

  • To start prepping your heart and mind for what’s to come, in your Trustworthy book, read the sections: “about the author, introduction, about the study.” (If you’re still waiting for your book, here’s a free download to get you started. Thank you, LifeWay Publishers!) 
  • Invite a friend to determine their trust score and join you for the study, too!

Can’t wait to dig into the study together soon!

Reflect and Respond:

Which, from the quiz list above, do you identify/struggle with most? What effect has it had on your life that makes you know you need to learn to trust God more?


All comments on today’s blog will be entered to win a copy of our study book for both you and a friend! Five winners will be randomly selected and notified within three days via a reply to their comment on this blog.

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