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What Trust in God Looks Like {Week 1}

January 24, 2020
“We don’t have to understand the why of God’s ways. But we do have to keep choosing to follow them.” - Lysa TerKeurst  #TrustworthyStudy | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 1 #P31OBS

Happy Friday, friends! Stacy Lowe back with you to finish out our week.

Each Friday blog post for this study will feature a short, simple message to help connect the dots of that week's book content. This way, even if you’re behind, you’ll still get the theme of where we are and be equipped to move forward with us in the new week.

Sound good? Then let’s get to it!

You know, it’s easy to say, “I trust You, God,” when what you’re trusting Him with is hypothetical in nature. It’s a little (and by little, I mean a lot) harder when life smacks you in the face and your feet are to the fire.

As we’ve seen over and over in Trustworthy this week, trust is a choice. Truthfully, it’s one I haven’t always made. And while I’ve never willfully said, “I don’t trust You, God,” my actions and reactions have sometimes said otherwise. When I can’t understand why, something inside of me starts to question His goodness. Sound at all familiar?

As Lysa reminds us this week, though:

“We don’t have to understand the why of God’s ways. But we do have to keep choosing to follow them.”

With that in mind, I came up with an acrostic to help me remember what trust in God looks like and why it’s important for me to choose it...

Trust is:

Taking each day, one at a time, 
Remembering God’s sweet whisper divine 
Urging us onward through the unknown 
So that His glory and goodness
Through us can be shown.

We’re not always going to get it right, friends, but today, in this moment, let’s choose trust!

Reflect and Respond:

Where are you right now with choosing trust? How will you choose trust today?

For Your Weekend:
In Session 2 of the Trustworthy video series, we’ll learn more about Solomon and how lessons from his life can be applied to our own. You’ll need about 23 minutes to watch. When you’re ready, turn to page 50 in your book to take notes! (Special thanks to LifeWay Publishers for making this available to us for FREE during our study. Please note: this video was only available on our blog through March 6. If you wish, you can purchase the videos here.)

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