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Trust What You Know, Not What You See {Week 3}

February 3, 2020

Hey there  it's Brandy! I'm back to help us walk through Week 3 well!

Can you believe we’re already in the third week of our study? I never imagined I’d learn so much from Old Testament kings. What about you?

If you’ve missed a day’s reading here or there, don’t worry! I want to encourage you to instead set aside what you've missed and jump into Week 3 Day 1 with us.

This Week’s Focus

We’re studying Kings Ahab and Jehoash.

Our Verse of the Week is Micah 7:7:

“But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.”

And the theme this week is simple but powerful: Trust what you know, not what you see. Ahab and the Israelites spent three years living in a season of drought. That’s almost 1,100 days of no rain, y’all! As you work through your reading, pay attention to what they think and what they focus on during that season. Do they see drought and feel despair OR do they trust God during that season?

Weekly Resources

In this week’s P31 OBS video, Lysa, Kendra and Joel chat about some of the assumptions we can make when troubling situations persist. If we can’t see what God is doing, does it mean He isn’t doing anything? Let’s watch to hear more!

Need instructions to access closed captioning or the video transcript? We’ve got you covered!

And before we dig in, let's not forget we have the Study at a Glance calendar to keep us in the know and on track! Here it is again for easy access.


Alright, ladies. We have what we need for the week. Let’s get to it!

Reflect and Respond:

Think back to a tough season you went through. What’s one way you now see God was working even though you couldn’t see it at the time?

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