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Mid-week Check-in! {Week 3}

February 5, 2020
OBS_Trustworthy_Wednesday_Square-MidWeek_Check -In

Hey there! I have a question for you ... When’s the last time you closed your eyes and took a slow deep breath?

No matter how long ago it was, given that we’re in our third week of study, I think we should try it now. Go ahead! Pause, and relax in this moment.

Feel a little better? Me too!

So, how’s the study been going for you? Last week, the flu took over our house. I read Day 4 a day late, and read Day 5 in chunks over the weekend. Maybe you got a little behind on the daily book work too? If so, know that it’s OK.

Lysa teaches us that learning to trust Him more is a process  not a quick fix. Processes take time, y’all! That’s why this community is so powerful! When we come together, we encourage each other to keep going. We’re not on this trust journey alone!

Here’s what I’ve been wanting to ask:

  • What have you learned so far about trusting God that you didn’t already know?
  • What’s your favorite quote from this week?
  • When’s the best time for you to get your book work done and why?

We don’t have to talk about all or any of these topics, though! Feel free to pick one  or another topic of your own if you’d like!

The whole team of blog community volunteers and I can’t wait to chat with you!


All comments on today’s blog will be entered for a chance to win a Seamless study pack (including the book and DVD). Two winners will be randomly selected and notified within 3 days via a reply to their comment. Good luck!

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