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Trust is Built in Relationship {Week 5}

February 17, 2020

Hey there! It’s me, Quanny, and I’m glad to be back as your study leader for Week 5.

Friends, how are you doing so far? Here’s a quick tip: Focus on the big themes in our study, rather than each detail (they are so good, right?). You can always go back and linger with the details as your schedule permits.

This Week’s Focus

I hope Week 4 was refreshing for you as we studied King Hezekiah. That said, we’re keeping up our momentum with another good king, a young king. We’ll be studying King Josiah.

Josiah, ninth up in our royal review, also began his reign at the tender age of eight (remember seven-year-old Jehoash?). His relationship with God was established early and grounded in God’s Word, providing ample soil for trust to grow. As you study, pay attention to how trust is built in relationship.

Our Verse of the Week is Psalm 9:10:

“And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you.”

Weekly Resources

As you begin this week, set aside a few moments to watch the P31 OBS video with Lysa, Kendra and Joel. In the video, the team discusses how the word of God was essential to Josiah’s reign. It revived him, set him on a path to obedience, and eventually, was the foundation of the restoration of God’s law among the people.

Here are instructions to access closed captioning or the video transcript if you need them.

Before you go, the Study at a Glance resource is a great tool to keep you in the know! Check it out below!


Josiah is one of my favorite kings. He was able to accomplish so much from reading and obeying God’s Word. Let's dig in this week to learn how this can be our legacy too.

Reflect and Respond:

Think back on a time when God brought about restoration in your life either physically or spiritually. What did that look like and how did it influence your relationship with Him?

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