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The Source of Our Trust {Week 5}

February 21, 2020

Hello, friends!

It’s Friday, and as we close out Week 5, I just want to celebrate you for being here and digging deep in our study of 1 and 2 Kings! I hope that what we have studied together has made room for trust in God to become a part of who you are.

We chatted earlier this week that trust (or the lack of it) is rooted in our relationships. For many of us, we expect what we experience in human relationships to be reflected in our relationship with God. For better or for worse, human relationships can be an unreliable source of trust.

Relationships take time. Completely trusting God is not something we are born doing; it is the result of intentionally setting our hearts to do so as we daily meet with Him. Here is where our trust is sown, watered, and grown – in the fertile soil of relationship. Here we have a reliable source of trust.

Author Lysa TerKeurst identifies the source of our trust in Trustworthy, Day 5:

“Jesus is the answer to our longing for stability, security, and trustworthy authority that no earthly king can ever be.”

Not only is God the object of our trust, God is the source of our trust. We can trust Him with our lives.

I pray you have enjoyed our journey together with these earthly kings. Let’s look forward to the promise that one day soon, the true King will return.

Reflect and Respond:

What or whom has been the source of your trust? What has changed from when you first started the study?

For Your Weekend:
Linger a little longer with us to watch this week’s Trustworthy video with Lysa. Set aside around 15 minutes to hear how all that we’ve studied points us to Jesus, the one true King. Flip to page 198 to jot down notes as you listen. (Special thanks to LifeWay Publishers for making this available to us for FREE during our study. Please note: this video was only available on our blog through March 6. If you wish, you can purchase the videos here.)

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