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Let's Be Honest {Week 1 Recap}

April 13, 2018
“Wisdom isn’t something God forces on us, it’s something He gives us to focus on.”  - Nicki Koziarz #WhyHerBook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 1 #P31OBS

Hi, OBSer! I’m Trish Cordell, one of your study leaders, and I think we all deserve a high-five as we finish up Week 1! But don’t go anywhere just yet; we still have plenty in store for you.

At the end of each week, we’ll give a brief summary of the week’s chapters. But this recap won’t replace reading the book. There’s just too much great material to squeeze it all in here. However, this recap will allow you to pick up right where we are and keep things moving forward. In other words, don’t worry if you get behind! We’ve got you covered, so keep pressing through.

This week’s truth: You Need to Be Honest

Our memory verse: “LORD, You have searched me and known me.” Psalm 139:1 (HCSB)

Reading Recap: This week, Nicki Koziarz explained why we need to be honest about our comparison struggles and gave us Truth we can take hold of to combat comparison. She also introduced us to sisters Rachel and Leah. Here’s three main takeaways...

  1. Conquering this comparison battle won’t be easy. 
    Getting honest about what we’re unhappy about, what we feel we’re lacking, allows us to gain a better understanding of where that “why her” question is coming from. When we can do that, it helps us see and appreciate what we have over what “she” has. #Victory
  2. This comparison struggle is nothing new.
    Through the Bible story of Rachel and Leah, found in Genesis 29-30, we find two sisters tangled up in a comparison battle. The Bible states Leah had weak eyes and Rachel was beautiful. One was older, the other younger, but both married to the same man — Jacob.
  3. Being honest about where we are gives us grace to see God’s still working things out.
    This allows us to invite Him into those tender places where we feel less-than and changes our focus. When we invite Him in, He gives us His Truth and Wisdom. But we have our part in the process too. Like Nicki writes, “Wisdom isn’t something God forces on us, it’s something He gives us to focus on.” This truth settles me. It reminds me that God’s got this because He already knows me. And, guess what? He knows you too!

So, are you ready to get honest?

Reflect and Respond:

What’s one thing you’ve been trying to deny that you know you need to get honest about? You know, the thing that every time you see someone else get, you mutter the phrase “must be nice.”

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