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Seeing It For What It Is {Week 2}

April 16, 2018
PROVERBS 31:30 (HCSB) | Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the LORD will be praised. | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | Week 2 Verse | #WhyHerBook #P31OBS

Hey there! Are you ready for Week 2?

Whew! Week 1 was so good. Can I just say, getting honest with myself left this gal feeling a bit vulnerable. But we needed to get honest about things, so we’d be able to dig into “Truth Two — See It Like It Really Is.” Friend, it’s time to squash the lies of perception and see things for what they really are.

Let’s start by watching another fun video from the Fixer-Upper Farm! Melissa Taylor and Kendra Schwarz are back with the author of Why Her?, Nicki Koziarz. Don’t miss the “behind the scenes” segment with Nicki! You’ll want to hear what she was asked about her farm.


If you can’t view the video above, click here to watch on YouTube.

If you need closed captioning, or want to view the transcripts, click the button below.


It seems no matter where we go, what we do or what we have, comparison has a way of creeping in on us. Even Nicki’s farm got compared! Crazy, right?

Unfortunately, we can bring the #Comparison bully on ourselves. We look at what we have and, when we think it’s not enough, we start looking at what someone else has and we don’t even consider what it may have cost them. But Nicki reminds us:

“We need to remember, when looking at people’s lives that appear perfect to us, there’s probably a not-so-perfect story happening there that’s never going to be told.”

Yes! That’s some wisdom right there!

Alright, let’s get started! To help you get even more motivated, here’s our Week at a Glance resource. It’s got everything you need for the week, plus some fun resources and freebies, like our Verse of the Week lockscreen for your phone!


And just as we promised, here’s this week’s Bible Study Companion. You can use this any day this week to dig deeper.


Looking forward to an awesome Week 2 with you!



Respond and Reflect:

A great way to squash the #Comparison bully is to be thankful for what we have. What are 3 things you’re grateful for? I’ll start. I’m grateful for my relationship with Jesus, my family, and for you amazing P31 OBSers. Your turn.

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