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Let's Get Quiet

April 25, 2018
"When it seems like God is quiet, we need to get quiet." - Nicki Koziarz #WhyHer | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 3 #P31OBS

Hi again, friend!

As I was reading through Chapter 6 of Why Her?, my mind became fixed on Nicki Koziarz’s question

“How’s your soul?”

This isn’t a question we often ask ourselves, but what a difference it would make if we did take the time to examine and care for our souls.

This week, Nicki gives us some practical ways to do just that with her Soul-Care Strategy:

  1. Identify Your Three N’s (Noise, Notification and Nosiness)
  2. Find Your Happy
  3. Catalog Your Compliments

Let’s pause and look at number one. Whew! Those three N’s can creep into our lives, and overwhelm our soul ... unless we intentionally stop and evaluate.

Life can be loud. When thinking through my normal day, it’s filled with kids crying, screaming, laughing, doors slamming, dogs barking, doorbells ringing, phones beeping, music playing, TV going, toys singing, etc. All that noise can be deafening. And when we’re deafened by the noises and distractions around us, it becomes difficult to hear the voice of God.

But as Nicki writes,

“When it seems like God is quiet, we need to get quiet.”

When we pause to identify the many noises around us, we realize there are areas of our lives we can silence, so we’re able to get quiet with God.

Let’s think of all the distractions in our lives and choose one thing to silence today. It could be turning off a notification on our phone, turning off the TV or maybe putting our phone up for a few minutes. Where can we make a small adjustment so that we’re able to get quiet?

I’m definitely looking forward to having more quiet time in my life! How about you, friend?

Reflect and Respond:

What one thing are you choosing to silence today? I’m going to swap out the wasted time I spend in the evening on my phone and instead spend time in the Word.

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