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Soul Check {Week 3 Recap}

April 27, 2018
"But when life breaks us down, we always have two options: bitterness or breakthrough." - Nicki Koziarz #WhyHer | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 3 #P31OBS

Hey, friend!

We made it to the end of Week 3 and I have to ask, how's your "soul care" going? Nicki has given us several practical ways to care for our souls when we find ourselves in a not okay place, and hopefully we've all started implementing some of those in our lives. But if you're behind, don't worry — here's a recap with some of our takeaways from the week.

This Week's Truth:  "You Don't Always Have to Be Okay."

Our Memory Verse: "This is the confidence we have in approaching God: That if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us." 1 John 5:14 (NIV)

Reading Recap: This week, Nicki shared that there will be times in our lives when we're not okay. But we have to choose to lean into God, ask for help, and not get stuck in that place. Along with that we learned...

  1. We have the choice between Breakdown and Breakthrough.
    We have control over which one of these paths we choose. In order to head down the path of breakthrough we have to "Choose God's promises, Fight for God's promises and Walk in Truth."
  2. God designed us for Community.
    When comparison and jealousy creep in, it's easy to let self doubt take over causing us to isolate ourselves. But God created us for community. We need people in our lives we can trust and confide in. This is one reason we're so glad you're walking through this study with us.
  3. It's our job to listen for clues of an unwell soul.
    When we look to the story of Rachel and Leah we can assume, based on their destructive words and actions, that their souls were not well. It's our responsibility to look within ourselves and identify when our soul is not well and care for it. To help us get started with this Nicki shared her "Soul-Care Strategy" as well as "Fifteen Ways to Care for Your Soul." (See pages 102-109 and 112 for more on these.)

Reflect and Respond:

How do you plan on practicing Soul Care in your daily life? I love Nicki's 15 suggestions on page 112! To care for my soul, I plan on taking a short walk around the neighborhood today.

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