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It Is What It Is {Week 4 Recap}

May 4, 2018
 “Thank goodness God is not in the business of fighting for fair. Because if He was, there would be no Jesus.” - Nicki Koziarz #WhyHerBook | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week 4 #P31OBS

It’s time for this week’s recap!

This week’s truth: You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Our memory verse: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 (HCSB)

Reading Recap:
This week Nicki Koziarz walked us through the truth that there are situations in our life that won’t always look how we planned. But we shouldn’t worry or take offense, because sometimes, that thing we thought we needed is just not ours. We also find sisters Rachel and Leah taking their scheming over Jacob to a new level. Let’s look at this week’s takeaways...

  1. It is what it is.
    Life isn’t always fair. We can do our absolute best, and still not get that “thing” we wanted. But that doesn’t mean we did anything wrong. It just means it wasn’t for us. Nicki reminds us that when life takes that unexpected turn, “We have to trust God so much that if He doesn’t give it to us, we don’t want it.” In doing so, we surrender our control for His peace.
  2. Mandrake Negotiations!
    These two sisters are still scheming to get what they want from Jacob. This week we found Leah bartering her mandrakes (which were believed to help with fertility) with Rachel to secure a night with Jacob. So these sisters haggled until they got what they wanted — Rachel the mandrakes, and Leah, a night with Jacob.
  3. We have choices.
    When we hit those bumps in the road, we can choose insight over offense. Choosing insight in those situations that made us uncomfortable and remembering “we didn’t do anything wrong,” will help us stay out of the comparison pit. Not everyone is going to agree with us and that’s okay! You just keep being you!

Thank you for being here with me this week. Study Leader Anna Currin will be back next week. How did it get to be Week 5 already?


Reflect and Respond:

What’s something you thought you needed that just wasn’t yours?

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