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May 9, 2018
 "Strive toward what

Welcome back, friend!

I've got a question for you ... Do you ever find yourself comparing your life to someone else's, who's in a completely different season? As I was reading through Chapter 10, I realized I've been guilty of this.

I'm a dreamer. I dream of being involved in missions, writing a book, volunteering wherever there's a need and mentoring young girls. And sometimes when I see others doing big things for God, I question if what I'm doing is enough. But then I remember these aren't things God's called me to right now.

He's called me to motherhood. To love and shepherd the little hearts He's entrusted me with. A season that can be challenging, messy and beautiful all at the same time. But one that I love.

However, there's still times I look at where others are and think how great it'd be to do this or that. And that leads me to not being fully present in my right now, which can leave me feeling depleted. Less than. Striving instead of thriving.

Oh what we miss when we look to others' lives and what's ahead, instead of embracing where we currently are!

This is why I love how Nicki challenges us to:

"Strive toward what's ahead, but learn to thrive in the season you're currently in."

Many of us are in different stages of life. And even if we're not, our lives won't look the same. So instead of looking ahead and around us, let's focus our eyes above. Let's ask God to use and equip us for exactly where we are today, helping us see the beauty in our mundane and the importance of where He's placed us!

Seasons change in the blink of an eye. So while it's great to dream God-sized dreams, let's not forget to thrive in the season we're in.

Reflect and Respond:

What's one thing you love about the season you're in, and one thing you hope for your future?

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