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Let Her Success Encourage You {Week 6}

May 14, 2018
“God’s purpose isn’t a battlefield for competition. It’s a safe haven of calling.” - Nicki Koziarz #WhyHer? | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Week  #P31OBS

Oh my goodness, friend! We did it! We made it to Week 6 of our Why Her? study. We’re so proud of you for sticking with us. But we still have one last truth to dig into together. So are you ready to get started? 

Let’s park on this week’s truth for a moment, “Truth Six: Let the Success of Others Encourage, Not Discourage You.” Hmmm. Read that truth again and let it really sink in...

"Let the Success of Others Encourage, Not Discourage You.”

Watching others succeed, especially at something we’d like to do, can easily knock the wind out of our sails. We tend to think when someone succeeds it means game over for us. But friend, that’s just not true. Her success is going to look different from ours because we’re not wired the same. We’re unique and our God-assignments are too!

So, instead of being in competition with one another like our biblical friends Rachel and Leah, let’s grab hold of this valuable advice from author Nicki Koziarz:

“You gotta let her be her, and you be you. You are both called and chosen to do this assignment.”

Let’s allow her success to encourage us to keep trusting God as we move forward in our own journey.

Are you ready for one last trip to the Fixer-Upper Farm? Let’s join Why Her? author, Nicki Koziarz, Melissa Taylor and Kendra Schwarz for this week’s video and behind the scenes segment!

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Reflect and Respond:

Earlier, I mentioned how we’re all unique. What’s something that’s unique about you when it comes to your calling? I’ll start. Being creative is my jam! I’m able to find fun and relevant ways to connect when writing for Bible study. Your turn!

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