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Bless Her {Study Recap}

May 18, 2018
2 Corinthians 10:12 (NIV) |  | Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies | Week 6 Verse | #WhyHer #P31OBS

Hey, friend!

Study Leaders Anna and Trish here with you to wrap up our Why Her? study. We feel blessed to have been able to spend these last six weeks with you. Normally we'd recap this week's truth, but today we're going to recap all six of our Why Her? Truths! Here are a few highlights...

Truth One: You Need to Be Honest
Conquering comparison is not easy. As Nicki Koziarz writes, "Comparison is a battle to see whose truth — ours or God's — we'll allow to rule our thoughts and actions."

Truth Two: See It Like It Really Is
When our focus is set on her and what she has, we can miss the beauty and blessings in our own lives. But Nicki reminds us, "We need to remember when looking at people's lives that appear perfect to us, there's probably a not-so-perfect story happening there that's never going to be told."

Truth Three: You Don't Always Have to Be Okay
There will be times when we're not okay. But like Nicki teaches, we have the choice between breakdown or breakthrough as we: "Choose God's Promises, Fight for God's promises and Walk in Truth."

Truth Four: You Didn't Do Anything Wrong
Not everything that passes through our lives is meant for us. And when things don't work out how we wanted, we can choose to surrender it to God rather than manipulate to make it happen. We can remember Nicki's advice, "to trust God so much that if He doesn't give it to us, we don't want it."

Truth Five: Her Gain Is Not Your Loss
There's no reason for us to feel threatened by the success of others. God has created each of us with special gifts and He calls us to use them to bring Him glory. As Nicki reminds, "Even if it feels like everyone else is winning and you're losing, the goodness of God is at work in you because the goodness of God is at work in all His kids."

Truth Six: Let the Success of Others Encourage, Not Discourage You
We can choose how we let the success of others affect our lives. Learning from her success and failures can actually help, not hinder us. Let's remember Nicki's words that, "God's purpose isn't a battlefield for competition. It's a safe haven of calling."

We can't think of a better way to wrap up our Why Her? study than to share this beautiful graphic of author Nicki Koziarz's amazing "Bless Her Prayer." Click below for this free downloadable, printable PDF. It's so pretty, you may even want to frame it!


We've learned many valuable lessons from our biblical friends Rachel and Leah. Let's apply what we've learned these past six weeks and really commit to lifting one another up.


Anna and Trish

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