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It Gets Into Your Heart {Week 1}

December 4, 2020
“Cultivate Worship” by Lara Casey | P31 OBS Week 1 Quote

Hey y'all! It's Melissa again. I hope you've had a great time in our OBS this week! I have a confession to make.

Before I started writing the Word, I was feeling tired and defeated. 2020 had just about done me in.

Then I had a realization that took place after completing pages 6-7 in my journal.

I took note of my responses in the two sections on these pages. In the one section, Looking Back, I wrote of fear and uncertainty due to all that's happened this year. In the other, Looking Forward, I wrote that I wanted to have excitement for what's ahead, but I'm worried it could be more of the same. It made me ponder, "What's happened to my joy?"

Then we started writing the Word. I decided from the beginning that I would do this every single day. Here's what I gained this week:

  • Monday: Psalm 148:1-6 showed me in each verse that there are always reasons to praise the Lord.
  • Tuesday: Romans 12:1-2 spoke to me that I shouldn't conform, but be transformed by the renewing of my mind.
  • Wednesday: Psalm 150:1-6 showed me where, why and how I can praise Him.
  • Thursday: Psalm 145:8-13 reminded me of who God is and why I can trust Him.
  • Friday: Matthew 4:8-11 made it clear that I could fight off the temptation to take the easy way out when it's offered. God and His Word are strong enough to stand against anything. Satan had no power over Jesus, and he has no power over me. Just like Jesus, I can stand on the Word of God.

Here at the end of the week, I'm in awe of how the Lord showed up, or more accurately, how He'd never left.

Why did I have fear and uncertainty in the beginning of this journey? Because I focused on the wrong things. In five days of writing the Word, I was reminded of what I already knew, yet so easily forgot.

On page 9, Lara writes, "When you write Scripture, it gets into your heart." When God's Word is in your heart, you have His perspective, not a worldly one.

I love that our focus is on cultivating worship. When we stand in awe of Him, worshipping the very One Who redeems, restores, rebuilds and rescues, we can turn our perspective from fear to hope. And that is enough to gain a little joy back into my life.

What I have discovered through writing the Word is that when I do, it really does get in my heart. Then I remember that He is good and faithful. If I'm not diligent to meet with Him, then I can forget that and become consumed with the yuck going on in life.

I can't wait to continue to worship and praise Him above all as we continue to write the Word in the weeks ahead.

This is only the beginning.


For Your Weekend: Finish out Week 1 by completing the verse journaling on pages 20 and 22, along with your own reflections on page 25. If you don't have time to complete the journaling page this week, no worries! You can come back to it whenever it works for you. Then Monday, we'll start fresh on page 26. Make this study your own because remember, the holidays are crazy, but your Bible study doesn't have to be.

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Similar to my list above, I'd love to know: Was there a particular day that you gained something or God revealed something to you by writing the Word this week?

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