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Has Anything Changed? {Week 3}

December 18, 2020

Hey there!

Can you believe in the next few days we’ll be officially done with our Cultivate Worship study? Three weeks sure do fly by! 

On Day 1 of the study, Melissa wrote these words, “These journals won’t change your life, but getting into God’s Word will.”

“Change your life” can feel like such a big phrase, right? After three weeks, you may wonder if there was any change at all. But we want to encourage you and point out some ways change may have happened because you showed up each day (or most days) and wrote God’s Word.

Maybe you wrote a text to a friend to apologize for a comment you made the night before.

Maybe you realize your fear has subsided a bit because you are more aware of God’s presence.

Maybe you feel more compassion for the homeless woman on the street.

Maybe you found a friend or two through P31 OBS and now realize you’re not alone.

Whatever the case may be, I bet there are little moments from the past three weeks that have changed your life. Because little moments add up to big moments. And to us, any moment, big or small, is worth all the celebrations.

Before we say our official goodbye, you’ll want to continue the few verses and journal prompt for this week (pp. 52-55)! And here’s some fun news! We asked for the Cultivate What Matters team to include an extra seven Scriptures so we could each, individually, continue this journey into Christmas. Because there’s nothing we’ll need more in the coming days than a quiet moment with the one thing that can settle our souls: God’s Word.

As we close our time together, we wish we could be with you at the coffee shop Kendra mentioned in Week 2. We'd look you in the eyes and reminisce on just how tough 2020 has been with its many ups and downs and question marks.

As we go into Christmas, we are praying for you. We pray that at the exact moment you need it, a word or verse we wrote comes to mind. We pray it settles your soul, calms your nerves, and offers you peace and hope.

A new year is upon us, and we are grateful we get to enter into the new year with you, but more importantly, with our eyes and hearts fixed on Jesus.

Have a Merry Christmas,

Melissa, Kendra & the P31 OBS Team!

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