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A Simple Way To Start and End Your Day

March 20, 2023


Tenneil Register here as one of your study leaders for our OBS You’re Going to Make It by Lysa TerKeurst! Stacy Lowe and I will be encouraging you through this beautiful study of letting God’s Word shape a rhythm in our days.

Can I be plain with you, friend?

I often struggle to slow down and just be with God. I’ve bounced all around, trying evening devotions, morning quiet time, lunchtime Bible study, etc., so now trying a routine of beginning and ending each day with Him makes me a bit nervous …

But what if beginning and ending our day with God becomes such a natural part of our lives that it is the rhythm of who we are and how we move? I’m hopeful that over the 50 days we spend together, you and I will learn to do just that — simply move with the rhythm.

“For in [God] we live and move and have our being.” (Acts 17:28a, NIV)

Rather than making us feel overwhelmed by squeezing Bible study into our schedule, You’re Going to Make It will help us practice simple routines every day that draw us closer to God. Before we fall into bed at night, we will release back to God the struggles of the day, then follow it up with a prayer to receive the goodness of God before the worries of the next day have a chance to bombard us. 

Does simplicity sound good to you too?

Check your inbox tomorrow for a message from Stacy Lowe about the power of community and how YOU can be a part of it. 

I am so glad we are in this together!


Let’s Chat!

What routines have you tried for spending time with God? Do you tend to be a rise-and-shine, get-it-done gal or a night-owl Bible reader — or do you squeeze it in whenever you can? No shame here! 

P.S. Who else in your life could benefit from establishing this daily rhythm of connecting with God? Share this post and invite her to join in by registering here!

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