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BETTER Things Ahead

April 24, 2023

Hey there! We now have 14 days under our belts. That’s two full weeks of implementing this new practice of releasing to and receiving from God. As we now begin Day 15, I wonder: How’s it going for you?

For me, I’ve noticed that the more I’m willing to pause in my day to release back to God whatever it may be that’s causing me stress/anxiety/unsettledness/etc. in that moment, the more room I have in my heart and mind for God to fill with BETTER things. Things that settle my soul and provide a soothing balm to whatever it may be that I’m facing. Or in other words, peace. I pray you’ve felt that too.

Today, Day 15, we continue with a lesson on boundaries and how they can help us stay focused on the good things of God (which also bring us peace). Give it a read, then ask God to show you any boundaries you may need to establish in your own relationships, along with the strength to do so.

Whatever you do, just keep moving forward, and keep giving it all to God.

I’m praying for you!


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How’s it going for you so far? Has anything changed inside of you? What have you found/experienced/learned about God or yourself in these past 14 days?

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