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Start With a Simple Prayer

April 28, 2023

Hello, friend! Are you beginning to see the benefits of releasing and receiving? If the routine feels clumsy or you’re struggling on some days to squeeze it in, can I encourage you to just keep going. We grow and change by trying new things and sticking with them, so don't give up! 

Today Lysa points us to that one thing you know has been weighing you down. Maybe it’s a difficult, unexpected season; an overwhelmed schedule; or a struggle with someone you care about. No matter what it may be, God is open 24/7, and He is always working for our good even when we don’t feel it or can’t see it.  

With a simple prayer, we can start the day giving it all to God. In today’s video from Lysa, she gets us started with that prayer and reminds us that God is good and we can trust Him. Take a moment to watch; then come back here and “Let’s Chat”!

I’m praying with you and for you as we continue this 50-day study together (only 31 more days to go)!


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Lysa reminds us that with a simple morning prayer, we can exchange “our will” for “His will.” What can you trust God with today, knowing that He is a good God?

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