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If You’re Feeling Discouraged While Waiting on God, This Is for You

May 1, 2023

Welcome to Day 22, friend! We have been practicing a new rhythm for just over 21 days. That is worth celebrating!! How are you feeling? Is spending time with God becoming a more natural part of your day? If you’re struggling to keep up, don’t fret. Just hop in with us right now on Day 22, and let’s keep going!

I’ve had hard days, and I know you have too. The sort of days when I can’t focus on even the simple things because of the hard things that weigh down my heart and mind.

This is why Lysa’s words in today’s reading (page 89) jumped off the page at me: “Keep pressing into God. Keep praying. Don’t pull away. He isn’t ignoring you; He is listening.” 

God is with us, friend, and He is always paying attention. Can I pray with you?




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Waiting on God’s perfect timing is easier when we remember who God is and that He is good. What is one way God has shown His goodness to you?

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