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Slowing Down Can Lead To Healing

May 15, 2023

A life of margin and space. Sounds like an impossible dream, right? But as we’ll see today (Day 36), this slowed-down existence is just what we need sometimes in order to feel and then heal. And how appropriate that today’s reading happens to fall on a Monday, a day many people consider the start of yet another busy week.

Think God’s trying to tell us something?

I sure do, and I don’t want to miss it!

Therefore, before I step into my day, I will intentionally choose to slow down and be still before the Lord. Will you do the same?

Will you take a few moments right now to release to Him all the things you need to so you can ready your soul for all He wants to pour into you today?

He’s there, waiting for you in the stillness, my friend. Will you meet Him there?

Tenneil will be with you on Friday. For now, though, here’s to a fabulous day!


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What is one thing you will do to slow down and be still before God today?

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