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Staying Steady Through Life’s Surprises

May 19, 2023

Happy Friday! Not only did you make it through the week, but you’ve also made it to Day 40 of our 50-day study. Like you, I have spent this time reading and growing, releasing and receiving, but in complete transparency, today’s devotion from Lysa feels like it was written just for me. 

I don’t mind a good surprise as long as I planned it, anticipated it and knew it was coming. Ha!

Maybe you feel this way, too, as it pertains to being caught off guard. But guess what? You do not have to become the kind of gal who thrives on surprises and spontaneous changes, and neither do I. Instead, as we’ll see today on Page 163, “Feeling a little exposed and afraid reminds us we need God.”

We won’t always be ready for what life throws at us, but today’s devotion reminds us that we can always find a steady place to grow our faith. Go check it out!

Ten days to go, and I’m so proud of you! I’ll see you back here on Monday.

Praying for you, friend,


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Are you someone who loves surprises, or not so much? Have you ever found yourself in an unexpected circumstance or season that deepened your dependence on God? 

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