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Catch a Glimpse of What God Has for You

May 22, 2023

I love a good shortcut! Especially for busy days like Mondays. 

From grocery pickup to automatic bill pay, meal prep to capsule wardrobes, I bet you have a set of favorite shortcuts too. But what about the shortcuts and distractions we use to avoid seeing what God has for us? Maybe we rush through devotions or avoid His Word altogether. We treat prayer like a drive-thru request without getting quiet before Him. Or perhaps we numb out scrolling on social media and get caught in the trap of comparison.

Today’s devotion (Day 43) asks us to consider where our eyes are focused. Are we seeing the opportunities before us or glancing sideways? I hope you will dig in and catch a glimpse of what God has for YOU, friend.

Stacy will be back with you here on Friday. For today, I hope you find so much joy and courage in trusting His timing and taking one small step!


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