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Your New Now begins Now!

July 17, 2023

Welcome to the first day of Your New Now: 30 Days To Make Sense of Where You Are and Where You’re Going with Nicki Koziarz.

I hope you are as excited about this study as I am! It’s comforting to know we are journeying together as we study more about the seasons of transition — Development, Separation, Cultivation and Finished — through the life of Moses. 

This week we will focus on the development season (Chapters 1-3 of Your New Now). According to, the definition of development is “the act or process of developing; growth; progress.” 

As we begin this study, I think it’s important I’m as honest with you as I can be. 

While I’m currently in the cultivation season, I went through the development season a few years ago. I remember the fear, anxiety and loss it created in my life. Change is hard! It may even feel like a punishment. But it’s not. I want you to remember that no matter how you feel, you are not lost in this season! God sees you and is preparing you for what's to come next. Think of this as divine preparation. And that's just what we will learn about in this week's chapters.

If you are currently in this season, I encourage you to focus on this divine preparation of what God is doing in your life. 

And if you are not in this season, reach out to a friend who is and let them know they are not alone but on a learning journey and God is preparing them for what is to come next. 

I’ll see you on Wednesday! 



Let’s Chat!

In what ways do you see God’s divine preparation in your life today? Share a few of them in the comments. If you are in the development season, in what ways do you see God’s divine preparation in your life today? And if you aren’t in this season, find someone in the comments who is and offer some encouragement to them.

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