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When Development Feels Hard, Remember This.

July 19, 2023

Hey there! 

How are you doing?

How are you really doing?

I tend to answer that question with just two words: “I’m fine!” But the truth is, at times, I’m really not fine. Sometimes self-doubt, anxiety and depression try to rob me of my joy in Jesus. 

This week's study on development may have brought on some feelings of loss and fear. Whether it’s the loss of a job, a friendship, or the fear of what the future holds, here is what I want us to remember about this season: It’s temporary.

I love this quote from Nicki on Page 46 of Your New Now, and it’s a great thing for us to remember: 

“Transition is temporary, but a life of following Jesus is eternal.”

I tear up every time I read it because it’s the truth! Following Jesus is eternal, and He will get us through anything that comes our way. 

Nicki lists some activities and questions on Page 49 of our books.

Some examples of these are:

  • Write out a prayer to God.
  • Be honest about your feelings about this season you are in.
  • Make a list of three areas you need to start developing in yourself. 
  • Keep a record of your progress. 

Nicki has created a free worksheet for you to download and journal your thoughts too. You can find the worksheets here.

Today, I encourage you to write out a prayer to God. Be honest about your feelings, and ask Him to reveal what you need to do or change as you walk out this development season. 

I’m praying for you!



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