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Friday Wrap-Up and a Mini Bible Study! {Development Season}

July 21, 2023

Happy Friday, friend! 

This first week of Your New Now, we learned about the development season, and while it is hard and sometimes feels scary, when we do it with God, it shows “we are committed to our growth process with Him” (Page 39). 

A great example of this growth process is found in the life of Moses. Like us, he had a lot of “Now what?” questions for God. Yet from his birth to leading the people out of Egypt (Side note: I often wonder how many times did he hear, “Are we there yet?”), Moses was on the epic journey of a lifetime, one that shows us how God uses everything we’ve been through to lead us to the next place.

We can definitely say divine preparation was a part of the Lord’s plan for Moses and His people!

Moses experienced fear and anxiety as he transitioned between the seasons. 

But God was right there with him ... just as He is with us now.

At the end of each section of our book, Nicki provides us with a mini Bible study. In the next couple of days, take a moment to read Exodus 1-2 and complete this mini study on Pages 65-68 of the book. (Please note: In the chart at the top of Page 66, you’ll see an entry for Genesis 5:5-6. It should be Genesis 6:5-6 instead. Our friends are working hard at fixing this mishap in the book, but in the meantime, we hope this helps!) Afterward, take some time to pray and ask the Lord for guidance and direction in your own life.

Wrapping up our week of study, we also have our first audio teaching from Nicki. Listen in as she dives deeper into the development season and answers some of our OBSers’ questions like, “How long will this season last?” Check it out here! (Need the transcript? We’ve got you covered!) Interested in working through development worksheets Nicki and Kendra talked about? Look no further.

Have a great weekend! 


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If you are in this season, what is one plan of action for you today to experience growth in an area that needs development? What was your main takeaway from this week's study if you are not in this season?

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