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The One Thing We Need Right Now

July 26, 2023

True confessions of a Proverbs 31 study leader ...

I’ve known Jesus most of my life, but when things get out of control and I feel overwhelmed, I tend to binge Netflix, scroll social media, and eat every piece of chocolate in my house. I know God is always with me, but sometimes I run to all these other things before running to Him.

Do you ever struggle to turn to God first because you’re flooded with emotions that seem out of control? 

That’s why I highlighted AND circled this quote on Page 90 of Your New Now:

“God’s presence is the greatest thing you and I need in any season we are in.”

We read this week about Moses sitting down at the well (Exodus 2:15-16). When Moses finally stopped running and sat down, God provided for his needs. God will do the same for us. 

  • Here are some ways Nicki provides for us to prepare to "sit down" and seek God:
  • Write down what you most need from God right now.
  • Begin and end your time with God in worship.
  • Keep a positive perspective. God loves you and doesn’t invite you to the well to shame you.

Sometime over the next few days, grab a journal (or any piece of paper lying around), and write down any questions, thoughts, or Bible verses the Lord brings to your mind as you worship. These practices help us know and feel Him more.

Love and prayers, 


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In Exodus 2:15-16, we see how God provided Moses with what he needed most at that time — a wife, community, purpose, etc. If you sat with God today, what would your “most needed things” list include? 

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