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An Ordinary Day Isn’t Ordinary to God

July 28, 2023

Whew! What a hard but insightful week of learning. 

Nicki’s words beginning on the bottom of Page 102 give so much hope as we wrestle in this season!  

“... the ways that God has spoken to me personally in these seasons of separation have become some of my most sacred places.” 

If you are currently walking through a difficult time, tuck this deep into your heart. God did this same thing for Moses! And He will do it for you!

For Moses, it was an ordinary day doing what he always did: taking care of sheep.

“When the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush, ‘Moses, Moses!’ And he said, ‘Here I am’” (Exodus 3:4, ESV).

God brings us into His presence to meet our needs. He makes our hard times sacred places. He does that because He is the great I AM. Our mini Bible study is going to help us understand that God, the great I AM, is exactly what we need. He was for Moses, and He is for you too.

For me, I was stuck in hurt feelings and a shattered heart when I was going through my divorce. I kept begging God to give me a sign that I was OK and that He still loved me. I was so focused on looking for something huge that I could have missed out. 

But I didn’t. One night as I read my Bible and prayed, God told me to be still and remember that He is my God. He didn’t speak that night out loud like He did to Moses, but it was a gentle whisper I felt in my heart. It was exactly what I needed.

That’s what we learned this week on Page 90:

“God’s presence is the greatest thing you and I need in any season we are in.”

Keep digging in to see how God becomes what we need most with our mini Bible study! Read Exodus 3. Then complete Pages 107-110 of our book.

Nicki is also back this week helping us understand how God uses the season of separation in our lives. Have you ever struggled with the balance of serving others when you feel drained yourself? She answers this very thing. Check it out! (Need the transcript? Here you go!)

Love and prayers,


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If you are in a season of separation, what is one step you can take that will help you either enter God’s presence or remain in His presence? No matter what season you’re in, would you share something you learned this week so we can all be encouraged and grow together?

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