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It’s Time To Cultivate!

July 31, 2023

Hi, friend! 

It’s Week 3 of Your New Now, and this week's study (Chapters 7-9) brings us the season I am currently in: cultivation. It’s the season “when we learn to accept whatever assignment God gives us” (Page 118), and that can be a little scary!

I think of cultivation as growing a garden. My husband is a master gardener. He begins with starter seeds, faithfully nurturing them until they are mature enough to plant. Once they are in the ground, he continues to carefully tend and water them. It's a daily, intentional process, and because of his dedication, the results are an abundance of produce we share with friends and family.

The same concept also applies to us.

God is planting a seed in us that we need to cultivate. It’s a season that produces something new in our lives. 

A few examples of this season are:

  1. You’ve been a stay-at-home mom and are now returning to the workforce.
  2. You are given a new role in life you feel unqualified for.  
  3. You are a soon-to-be empty nester, and the Lord has given you the assignment of writing and speaking. (This is me!) 

If you are in the cultivation season, you are not alone. It’s a season of change, but it’s also a time when God is working in us, and that’s something to celebrate! I can’t wait to dig in more!



P.S. Did you notice I said my husband was the master gardener in our home? The Lord did not bless me with a green thumb, so I stay out of the garden! 

Let’s Chat!

If you are in the cultivation season, what is the most challenging part of this season for you? And if you aren’t in this season, find someone in the comments and let them know you are praying for them as they cultivate what the Lord has for them!

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