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When Changing Is Challenging

August 4, 2023

Hey there! 

What a week this has been as we studied the cultivation season and some of the fear that it brings. If you are a woman who thrives on routine (raising my hand!), this season can be a tough one. We don’t always like change, but change is necessary when it comes to the assignment God gives us. 

Moses was the same way. He was quite comfortable where he was and came up with all kinds of excuses for why God shouldn’t use him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.

The God who equipped Moses with strength, courage and answers is the same God who will do that for us.

But how?

It is through Truth (the Bible), Spirit and faith.If you are like me, you may have said, Oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that?

Those answers seem obvious, but when we are in the midst of a major transition in our lives, we tend to focus on fear and not the Lord. 

Over the next few days, take some time and complete the in-between-seasons mini Bible study (Pages 151-153) and journal your thoughts. Moses and Aaron go up against the Pharaoh, and we see the Lord at work. Also, you may get the ’90s song “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” stuck in your head! 

Nicki’s teaching for the week is another good one because she is in this season right now. Listen in as she points out something very interesting regarding Moses’ staff and how to remain faithful when this season tests us. Check it out here! (Need a transcript? We’ve got you covered!) Oh and if you want the “Wisdom From the Well” freebie, you can get it here. 

As we end the week, please know you are being prayed over (see Page 138 for a special prayer from Nicki!). Change is hard, but you aren’t alone! 



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For those of us in the season of cultivation, this week may have been hard. After learning about it this week, what is something you sense God is asking you to do that you really don’t want to do? If you are not in this season, what is your main takeaway from this week's study?

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