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God’s Not Done With Us Yet

August 7, 2023

Hi, friend! 

It’s Week 4 of Your New Now, and we conclude our study (Chapters 10-12) with what Nicki calls the finished season — a season that can “leave us full of gratitude, being proud of what was accomplished and looking back in satisfaction” (Page 159). 

That doesn’t mean we won’t still have “all the feels” about what will come next!

The other day a friend told me it's easy for her to see and believe God has something beautiful in store for other people. She could encourage them and pray with them. But really believing that for herself is a different story. She said,

“I can encourage others to trust in God’s promises all day long. When it comes to me, I always convince myself that it won’t work out. Especially when I’m nervous and I don’t know what to do next.”

I know what she is talking about! Supporting and encouraging a friend is easier than walking that same path yourself. Thank goodness for friends!  

I’ve entered one of those finished seasons after retiring from a fulfilling career. Doubt and insecurity creep in as I wonder what’s next. 

Are you in the finished season too? Here are a few signs:

  1. Feeling restless and unsettled, like maybe there’s something else.
  2. Feeling like something is just not right, and you don’t know what to do.
  3. Feeling like God is placing a new dream or desire in your heart.

I feel all of the above because I’m not sure ... yet ... where God’s taking me! 

Even if you aren’t in a finished season, I’m guessing you can relate. We’ve all come to the end of something.

This week we’ll see how “looking backward is good when it becomes the thing that propels us forward” (Page 159). 

I’m glad you’re here, because we can always use an encouraging friend to walk alongside us. God's not finished with me yet, and He's not finished with you either, my friend! I can't wait to learn more with you this week.

Love and prayers,


P.S. I have a special announcement: Our next study will be Rest for Your Soul by Wendy Blight. It begins September 7! You can go ahead and sign up here. 

Let’s Chat!

If you are in the finished season, what are you most grateful for as you reflect on this time of your life? And if you aren’t in this season, find someone in the comments you can come alongside and encourage to see God at work in their life.

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